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Joshua Tree National Park Fine Art & Landscape Photography

Joshua Tree National Park is located in the Mojave Desert. The tree that the park is named for is spiky, twisted and prickly, it has small yellow flowers that resemble poppies and it is part of the Agave family. This park has a distinct ecosystem, and the land was sculpted by strong winds and occasional rains. The rough rocks and geological features were created by earthquakes.

The photographs for sale at TwinsGalleria of Joshua Tree National Park are unusual landscape shots, of exceptional quality. They captured a starburst, perfectly centered between the tree branches, a Joshua Tree silhouetted in the sunset, the indigenous sage brush, Choya and Ocotillo cacti and also the beautiful wildflowers.

Add this wall art to your collection. It will challenge anyone's opinion of desert wastelands, as the beauty of this park is undeniable.

The prints are available for purchase at TwinsGalleria.com.
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